Daniel Futa Was Just A Book Worm

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The standard vision of a college student, especially one from Southern California, is of a progressive, sandal-wearing, skateboarding, hippie. This stereotype does not at all describe Daniel Futa, despite his being a Southern Californian college student. Daniel Futa is not a lackadaisical young man—he is quite the opposite. He displays an appetite for work and success that could best be described as voracious. Daniel Futa just graduated from the University of Southern California, or USC, in May of 2010. He received dual Bachelor’s degrees in History and Political Science from the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.

Daniel Futa’s most significant interests include the fields of history and politics, as his college degrees would suggest. It would be incorrect to assume Daniel Futa was just a book worm while he was in college, though. Futa served as Vice President of his fraternity at USC, Zeta Beta Tau. As such. Daniel Futa was charged with the scheduling, programming, and day-to-day activities of his fraternity. Vice President is a position of distinction, but it comes with its fair share of responsibilities too—including being the second ranking member on the Executive Board.

Futa is a graduate of Colorado Academy and he served as Student Body President. He graduated from the Colorado Academy in June of 2006. After graduating, he worked, as an intern, at CitiGroup – Smith Barney in Los Angeles, California. In this position, he was responsible for interaction with high net work clients.

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